Catechesis Classes

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For anyone looking to grow in faith...

Each semester (excluding summer), the Newman Center provides adult catechesis for FREE with NO HOMEWORK, NO GRADES, and NO REQUIRED READING, taught by FOCUS Missionary Logan Burda, M.A.  

Bible Basics: Tuesdays, 4:00-5:15pm
Newman Center, Room 19

Topics: Plot of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, Genres, Interpretation, Gnostic "Gospels," How to Pray with the Bible, How Not to Worship Yourself as a god, What to do When You get Eaten by a Whale/Big Fish, etc.

Catholic Literature Wednesdays, 4:00-5:15pm
Newman Center, Room 19

Topics: Through the genres of Scripture, Catechism, Church Fathers, Papacy, Saints, Popes, Poetry (Dante), Fiction (Tolkien, Lewis, Chesterton, O'Connor) we will explore--the Trinity, Church History, Dead Bodies, the Eucharist, Heaven/Hell/Purgatory, etc.

Contact Logan Burda with questions.