Dianne's Blessing Award

The Newman Center is excited to announce Dianne's Blessings - two new scholarship opportunities available this year for students actively involved in the Newman Center, attending Mass, and striving to live a holy life.


Dianne’s story is one of love: God’s love, Christ’s love and her love for everyone she knew and served. Hers is a story of the love that she had for family, friends and her husband, Jim. Dianne lived to serve God by serving others. By her acts of love and support of people suffering and because of her own challenge with multiple occurrences of cancer, she showed us all how to nail suffering to Christ’s cross and let Him carry the burden while we embrace the joys of life. We are all blessed for Dianne touching our lives and teaching us to overcome our burdens and love the life we live. (Adapted from Dianne’s Blessings, by Jim Sizemore, 2016)

Jim’s primary goal for establishing this award is to honor his beloved wife, while encouraging and supporting college students who are actively living their Catholic faith every day through acts of charity and compassion for others. The award was established in 2018 and supports college students attending either the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or Nebraska Wesleyan University. One award is provided to a student actively involved in the UNL Newman Center and one is awarded to a student who regularly participates in a FOCUS bible study.

Award recipients are encouraged to seek opportunities to share Christ’s love through acts of service - being a blessing to others, as Dianne was to so many - and to serve the Church through servant leadership.


Find out more about the book Dianne's Blessings here or pick up your copy at the Newman Center today!