Golf 'fore!' the Newman Center
 online auction

Bidding is open May 4-14, 2018


This year, our auction in conjunction with Golf 'Fore!' the Newman Center is going 100% online via our new platform, Qtego! Golfers and the public are invited to bid from May 4th until May 14th at 4pm (at the earliest, or 1 hour after the golfers finish) the day of the tournament.


register TO BID Via QTEGO

You are invited to pre-register by clicking the button below. Click the red "register for event" button, fill out your information, and submit your registration! Once you register, you will receive 2 text messages. The second message will include your pin number, which you will use to complete the registration process on the Qsite. 

Golfers may also choose to register while at the tournament on May 14th, simply bring the credit card you wish to bid with. 


Just reply to the text message you received from Qtego by following the instructions below or select the blue URL link in your second text message to bid on your Personal Bidding Page on your smart phone.




Click this link, and sign in with the pin you got in your second text message, if you're not already signed in. Browse the items and place your bid! 

Some items had more details than Qtego could handle! We chose the most important ones to display there, but if you're curious about an item's complete details, click the button to the right.