The pursuit of wisdom

The pursuit of wisdom is the foundational ideal of the Newman Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture, an educational program animated by the spirit of Blessed John Henry Newman.  Cardinal Newman’s own pursuit of wisdom led him to see that true liberal education, liberal in the sense that it frees us from error and falsehood, has “almost the beauty and harmony of heavenly contemplation, so intimate is it with the eternal order of things.” The Institute promotes this education by offering integrated college courses in the Humanities. In exposing students to what is most noble and edifying in our common heritage, the Institute hopes to reach hearts and minds that have grown cold to the reality of the true, the good, and the beautiful.


Reborn in wonder
Lecture Series

The Newman Institute hosts three lectures each fall semester at the Newman Center. These lectures are intended to reflect the mission of the Institute and to engage the public academically, spiritually and culturally.