Give to Lincoln Day was a huge success!

We are so grateful for your donations to the Newman Center on May 30th, Give to Lincoln Day! Your generous support, combined with matching dollar funds, has put us at $68,676 (which excludes LCF’s additional matching dollars in an amount TBD)… far past our goal of $61,000! All of the money raised will aid and strengthen our ministries and operations that will serve about 2,700 students during the 2019-2020 school year. We are SO GRATEFUL!


Golf 'Fore!' the Newman Center

The Newman Center had it’s annual golf tournament at ArborLinks on May 19th and 20th. Many enjoyed a casual round of golf on Sunday and stayed the night before participating in the main event on Monday. Though it was a little chilly, 35 teams enjoyed the game and each other’s company and had great food and drink, all while supporting the Newman Center’s ministries. Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to make a gift of support to the 20k Matching Gift Challenge, as well. The proceeds from this match will help us prepare for when students arrive back on campus this August.




IMPACT: Share your Stories for Give to Lincoln Day!


In conjunction with this years’ Give to Lincoln Day on May 30, we want you to tell us about it! Simply fill out the form below so we can share your impact story with others.

Don’t forget to get your give your G2LD donation before May 30, 2019! It will be matched, dollar for dollar, and stretched by a matching fund by LFC.

Tell us your stories of inspiration, holiness and impact through the ministries at the Newman Center!

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Encounter in the Mile High City

Enjoy a short interview with Katelyn, who travelled to Denver with a group of other HuskerCatholic students to work with Christ in the City last month over spring break!


Katelyn Pick, UNL class of 2020  |  Hometown: Columbus, Nebraska

We walked the streets having conversations with people! I was hesitant at first but towards the end of the week, I was excited to have meaningful conversations with them. (In some ways, I think I got more out of our conversations than they did!) Sometimes we aren't able to offer resources or financial help but what we can all do is offer up a conversation to someone who might need it or just be someone they can talk too.

I learned that God didn't put us on earth for ourselves. He put us here in order to serve him and our fellow neighbors in any way that we can.

My group had just finished eating lunch on our last day and we were walking around looking for people to talk to. We started walking one way when we heard a voice yell, "STOP!" A homeless man using crutches quickly came up to us. He told us that he was on the way to the doctor because he had just found out he had stage five cancer and did not have much time left. Together, we prayed to Our Lady, and he gave the missionary we were with his phone number. "Call whenever," he said, "I'd love to pray with you another time or with anyone who needs it. That's what I'm dedicating the rest of my life to." This experience brought tears to my eyes because he didn't want anything from us other than to simply pray. This man was so sick, but so full of God and life!

Nebraskans overtake CIC!

Nebraskans overtake CIC!

The Sisters of Life Visit the Good Life

The Newman Center was blessed with a visit from the Sisters of Life from New York City March 28th-30th! Sr. Bethany Madonna, Sr. Faustina, and Sr. Lumen spent a few days getting to know our students and offering time for spiritual direction, prayer, and even hosted a ladies morning of reflection! Sr. Bethany Madonna spoke on “Secrets of the Saints: Living Fully Alive in Today’s Culture” which the public, as well as our students, were invited to attend. You can watch her talk below.