Papal Nuncio of the U.S. Visits the Newman Center

We were overjoyed to host Archbishop Pierre on Good Shepherd Sunday for Mass and brunch. Check out some moments of the visit!

It was a joy to worship God in your beautiful new church and to have fellowship with your vibrant faith community, which is a source of so much missionary discipleship in Lincoln and beyond. I was happy to extend your community the spiritual embrace of the Holy Father in a particular way.
— Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio

Article: A New Catholic Church from McCrery Architects



To the layperson, traditional church architecture might appear so tied to millennia of history that it can’t be applied easily to modern conditions, but facts run counter to this belief. A testament to this point is the recently completed Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and Newman Center in Lincoln, NE, the work of McCrery Architects of Washington, DC, in conjunction with Clark Architects Collaborative of Lincoln, NE...

Go & Make Disciples of All Nations...


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. - Matt 28:19


Since 2000,

over 130 students

from the UNL Newman Center have said 'yes' to joining FOCUS as a campus missionary.

All over the world, these missionaries are bringing Christ to students at a time in their lives when it's so easy to be lukewarm or leave the Faith. 

How individual taxpayers can exploit the new tax bill right now

 Americans can tax advantage of the GOP tax plan already, including by a donating to charity before the end of the year. (Image Source / Getty Images)

Americans can tax advantage of the GOP tax plan already, including by a donating to charity before the end of the year. (Image Source / Getty Images)

The newly-passed tax plan is the most significant shift in U.S. tax policy in over 30 years. For many individuals, the way they file taxes will see significant changes. 

"A typical piece of end-of-the-year advice is to increase your potential deductions before Jan. 1. Deductions claimed for things you did this year will lower tax bills due the following April. Wait until January, and you'll need to cool your heels for more than a year to get the benefit of deductions claimed.

This year, beefing up your charitable giving could be even more effective. If your tax rate is falling in 2018, your deductions are more valuable if claimed against this year's income. Giving to charity, a tax deduction that's preserved under the tax bill, is an effective way to boost your 2017 deductions on short notice.

And even if your tax rate is going up next year under the new bill, you may still want to make a bunch of charitable donations in 2017. Most deductions, including the charitable one, can only be claimed if you itemize your tax return. The bill would sharply limit the number of taxpayers who would benefit from itemizing: First it raises the standard deduction from $6,350 to $12,000 for single people, and $12,700 to $24,000 for married couples. Second, it limits other deductions - most famously for state and local taxes - so it's harder for taxpayers to reach the threshold where itemizing makes sense." -Chicago Tribune, December 18, 2017

We have a need!

The Newman Center's parishioners are college students who simply cannot financially sustain the Newman Center alone.  For example, our team of ten FOCUS missionaries cost $150,000 while utilities for the year add another $41,500. Your help is needed! Please consider supporting thousands of college students’ faith!   

Take advantage by making a year-end gift to the Newman Center:

Read the full article by the Chicago Tribune here