Student Leader: Renae Mitchell, Pro-Life Chair


My freshman year at UNL, I was debating whether I should go to the March for Life. I ended up deciding I would make the trip to Washington D.C., and my 'yes' to attend led to becoming more involved and passionate about pro-life activities at the Newman Center. I am honored to be one of four pro-life chairs this school year. Our team is eager to make a lasting impact on the lives of not only the unborn but all lives in our community. It is our belief that through the combined effort of our Catholic community at the Newman Center, we can truly make a difference. Some of our efforts for the pro-life movement include the National March for Life in Washington D.C and the Walk for Life in Lincoln as well as praying at the local abortion clinic, offering Masses for the protection of all life and other activities.

Welcome Back, Students!

It’s a strange thing to have such a big building be eerily quiet one day, and chalk full of excited people the next! Sunday, August 25th, students returned eager to start the school year. Check out this awesome photo from our first Mass that day… Father Matya couldn’t help but have our student photographer capture all those beautiful faces before giving his homily.


Afterward, hungry students fled downstairs in anticipation of waffles the size of a human head (courtesy of the always-welcome Waffleman Bill). The students were served by generous volunteers of the UNL Catholic faculty and staff. They also took the opportunity to share with each other about their summers and meet new freshmen. Here we gooo!

Give to Lincoln Day was a huge success!

We are so grateful for your donations to the Newman Center on May 30th, Give to Lincoln Day! Your generous support, combined with matching dollar funds, has put us at $68,676 (which excludes LCF’s additional matching dollars in an amount TBD)… far past our goal of $61,000! All of the money raised will aid and strengthen our ministries and operations that will serve about 2,700 students during the 2019-2020 school year. We are SO GRATEFUL!


Golf 'Fore!' the Newman Center

The Newman Center had it’s annual golf tournament at ArborLinks on May 19th and 20th. Many enjoyed a casual round of golf on Sunday and stayed the night before participating in the main event on Monday. Though it was a little chilly, 35 teams enjoyed the game and each other’s company and had great food and drink, all while supporting the Newman Center’s ministries. Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to make a gift of support to the 20k Matching Gift Challenge, as well. The proceeds from this match will help us prepare for when students arrive back on campus this August.




IMPACT: Share your Stories for Give to Lincoln Day!


In conjunction with this years’ Give to Lincoln Day on May 30, we want you to tell us about it! Simply fill out the form below so we can share your impact story with others.

Don’t forget to get your give your G2LD donation before May 30, 2019! It will be matched, dollar for dollar, and stretched by a matching fund by LFC.

Tell us your stories of inspiration, holiness and impact through the ministries at the Newman Center!

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