Battle Ready

The Beating of the Pulse

Prayer is to the spiritual life what the beating of the pulse and the drawing of the breath are to the life of the body.
— Blessed John Henry Newman 

Over the years, Father Matya has witnessed several lives being changed through prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament. At the start of the fall 2016 semester and again last January, Newman Center students asked for extended Adoration times. Now, Eucharistic Adoration is regularly available for over 57 hours each week!

On a Friday night in September, St. Thomas Aquinas opened its doors to hundreds of people. This event, which has become a biannual tradition at the Newman Center, is called Night Fever. By midnight, twinkling candles glowed beneath the Monstrance, each representing a prayer said for the recovery efforts of the recent hurricanes or for a special intention.

In the softly-lit chapel worship music echoed and encouraged visitors in their prayer. One sophomore student, Ellen Schroll, was deeply moved by the night: "Night Fever is a place of peace, where you can go and put everything out there in front of Jesus and just let Him take control of your life..."

Father Matya and two Newman Center students, Anna and Hayden, were recently featured on EWTN's Battle Ready about the importance of prayer in front of the Eucharist. Check it out: 

By the way, Father Mills also did a killer interview for a different Battle Ready episode. Both videos are original publications by EWTN.

Our doors are open to the public. Please, come join us for Eucharistic Adoration any time.