Phi Kappa Theta Catholic Fraternity

It all started when...

Phi Kappa Theta was formed as a National Catholic Fraternity through the union of two older fraternities: Phi Kappa (est. 1889) and Theta Kappa Phi (est. 1919). Today, Phi Kappa Theta has 44 Chapters and 4 Colonies at universities in 24 states. More than 1,500 men are actively involved in undergraduate Chapters, and there are over 50,000 alumni brothers worldwide.

Phi Kappa Theta was originally established at UNL in the 1920s but closed during the Great Depression. Rechartered in 2005, Phi Kappa Theta has since been selected as the Big Brother Chapter for three new Phi Kappa Theta Colonies at South Dakota, Colorado State, and Wisconsin.

The chapter house is located at the intersection of 17th and R streets, behind St. Thomas Aquinas Church and Newman Center. The 60-man house opened in 2015.