Getting Married at St. Thomas Aquinas


So, you want to get married at st. Thomas Aquinas? Start here.

Setting a Date and Time:

St. Thomas Aquinas requires that a couple contact the wedding coordinator a minimum of six months before the proposed wedding date. This allows ample time to complete the marriage preparation program. 

St. Thomas Aquinas allows weddings, within or outside of Mass, to be conducted on Fridays at 3:00pm and Saturdays at 1:30pm and 5pm.


Because we are a University student parish and receive many requests for wedding ceremonies in our church, St. Thomas Aquinas follows this requirement: A person who wishes to marry at St. Thomas Aquinas must be a current student or graduate of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Nebraska Wesleyan University, or Southeast Community College.

If you meet this requirement, the couple should email a short paragraph about their involvement at the Newman Center and why they would like to be married at St. Thomas Aquinas. Make sure to include your email addresses and phone number.


If you have further questions, contact Marlene Beyke at 402-540-7539.

Guest Parking for weddings

Please call Marlene at 402-540-7539 if you are unsure about arrangements for a specific event.